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Course Name:

Tally Essential 
Level 3  (Advanced)


Content Covered:

Goods and Services Tax | Tax Deducted at Source | Management of Business Data | Moving to the next Financial Year | Business Case Studies.

30 Hours online training + 25 Hours of self-practice exercises

Detailed Syllabus:

1. Getting started with Goods and Services Tax

  1. Meaning and understanding of GST

  2. Understanding Taxable Supply and Levy of GST

  3. Understanding Input Tax Credit, E-Way Bills, E-Invoice and Computation of GST Payable

  4.  Important registers to be maintained in GST and Return filings

  5.  Enabling GST in TallyPrime (Company level, Stock Group, Stock Item, Ledgers and Accounting Groups level)

  6.  Recording GST Compliant transactions in TallyPrime

  7.  Generating Tax Invoice and E-Invoice from TallyPrime

  8. GST related reports and Returns

2.Understanding Tax Deducted at Source and application in           TallyPrime

  1.  Introduction to Tax Deducted at Source

  2.  Understanding Deductors, Deductees, Nature of Payments and its sections

  3.  Enabling TDS in TallyPrime and its configurations

  4.   Recording business transactions with TDS compliant

3.Management of Business Data

  1.  Export and Import of Tally Data

  2.  Export and Import of Tally Reports

  3.  Printing of Company Logo, Vouchers, Invoices, Reports, Outstanding statements, Reminder letters, Multi – voucher and invoices etc

  4.  Creating Group Company

  5. Comparing Financial statements of two different financial years

  6.  Comparing Financial statements of two different companies

4. Moving to next Financial Year

  1. Verification of Tally data before Split Company Data

     Export and Import of Tally Reports

  2.  Prerequisites for Split Company Data

  3.  Split Company data and verification of Tally data after Split Company

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