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Course Name:

Tally Essential 
Level 2 (Intermediate)


Content Covered:

 Storage and Classification of Inventory | Accounts Receivable and Payable Management | Purchase and Sales Order Management | Cost/Profit Centres Management | Booking Additional Cost incurred on Purchase | Budgets and Controls Management | Generating and Printing Reports | Business Case Studies.

30 Hours online training + 25 Hours of self-practice exercises

Detailed Syllabus:

1. Outstanding (Receivables and Payables) Management

  1. Fundamentals and concepts of outstanding management

  2.  Enabling Bill-wise features in TallyPrime and its advantages

  3.  Understanding New reference, Against reference, Advance reference and On-account reference

  4. Recording Credit sales and Credit purchase transactions with Bill-wise feature

  5. Recording Receipt and Payment transactions with Bill-wise feature

  6. Generating Receivables and Payable reports and its analysis

2. Cost / Profit centre Management

  1. Understanding Cost centre and its uses

  2. Enabling Cost centre feature in TallyPrime and Creating Cost centre masters

  3.  Recording business transactions with Cost centres

  4. Cost centre related reports and analysis

  5. Automatic allocation of Cost centres

3.Storage and Classification of Inventory

  1. Supply chain management (Tracking of Delivery and Sales & Receipt of materials and Purchase)

  2. Internal Inventory movements (Stock Journal)

  3. Stock Audit and Physical Stock update in TallyPrime

  4. Maintaining Inventory with Batch / Lot, Manufacturing date and Expiry date

  5. Maintaining Price list in TallyPrime

4.Purchase and Sales Order Management

  1. Understanding importance of Order Management

  2. Purchase order processing

  3. Sales order processing

  4. Generating order outstanding report

  5. Assigning Re-order levels

5.Tracking Additional Cost of Purchase

  1. Understanding additional cost on purchase

  2. Accounting additional cost on purchase in Voucher mode

  3. Accounting additional cost on purchase in Invoice mode

6.Budgets and Scenarios Management

  1. Understanding Budgets in business

  2. Enabling budget features and Creating Budget Masters

  3. Generating Budget reports and Analysis

  4. Understanding Scenarios in business

  5. Enabling Reversing Journal vouchers for Scenario Management

  6. Generating Scenario reports and Analysis

7.Generating and Printing Reports

  1. Financial Reports (Trading account, Profit & Loss account and Balance sheet

  2. Inventory Reports (Stock Summary, Godown-wise Stock Summary, Stock Movement Analysis, Stock Query and Stock Ageing Analysis)

  3. Books & Registers (Sales Register and Purchase Register)

  4. Printing Invoices and Reports

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