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Course Name:

TallyPrime Basics


20 Hours Online Training 

Content Covered:

Fundamentals of Accounting | Introduction to TallyPrime | Creating Accounting and Inventory Masters | Opening Balance update in Ledgers and Stock Item | Recording business transactions in TallyPrime | Handling Banking activities in TallyPrime | Basic Financial Reporting from TallyPrime

Detailed Syllabus:

1.Basics of Accounts - Process involved in Accounting - Application of Accounting in TallyPrime - Salient features of TallyPrime

2.Introduction to TallyPrime - Company Creation - Accounting Masters  (Ledgers | Groups) Creation, Alteration, Deletion

3.Inventory Masters (Stock Groups | Stock Items | Unit of Measures) Creation, Alteration, Deletion

4.Opening balance updation in Accounting Masters (Opening Balance), Inventory Masters (Assigning standard costs rates, Opening balance with rate, quantity, godown etc)

5.Recording Transactions in TallyPrime (Receipts, Payments, Contra) with Bill-wise breakup and Bank details allocation

6.Recording Transactions in TallyPrime (Sales and Purchase) along with Inventory allocation and Bill-wise breakup

7.Basic Reports (Day Book, Ledger Books, Inventory Books, Stock Summary, Trial Balance) to view and modify reports with F12 configurations

8.Recording Transactions in TallyPrime (Delivery Note, Receipt Note and Physical Stock) with Tracking numbers

9.Application of Banking Features (Bank details configuration, Bank Reconciliation) and Procedures to raise Invoice

10.Advanced Reports (Trading, Profit & Loss statements, Balance Sheet, Income & Expenditure statement, Receipts and Payments)

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